Cordelia Spalding

Artist Statement


A fascination with “us” underpins the themes that reoccur in my practice. How as human beings we generate ideas and pass on our thoughts to others makes us unique creatures. How cultural protocols are created and how they become the norm, the traditional, the acceptable, and ultimately the expected. How we are the product of what has gone before. Connection V Disconnection, relationships, consensus, democracy, ties that bind and divide, the choices we

make and how we make them, science; the process of experimentation and the morality that guides it; a never ending epistemic curiosity drives me to question these and use the visual as a tool to examine, study and strive to understand. Interrogation of materials, dissection of process

and a willingness to allow chance and fate to play their part in making, are additional ingredients that collude with curiosity and inform my practice.

Cordelia Spalding







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